The origin of prime thoughts presented by Sadguru Shree Kabirji and Sadguru Shree Jivanji Maharaj was "The Art of living the life". Our foresighted Sadgurus has given top priority to human life. According to their thoughts every human regardless of belonging to either higher society or family or low society or family has birth - right to live his life happily and prestigiously. They insist to live strife-less and independent life for everyone. Hence they guide us through their sakhies and Bhajans (Spiritual poems) Sadguru Shree Jivanji Maharaj

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There is no necessity of worshiping or homaging various Gods and Godesses. We doesn't need of temples and holy fire in it (for details see Article - Spiritulasim)

UDA : - Sadguru Shri Jivanji Maharaj has given and identity of Uda to his followers. UDA means those who arise and awake from THE DARKNESS OF IMMORAL TRADITIONS, customs and the exploitations with the medium of spirituality and worshipping.

Ramanandi sampradaya ma, Uda Jivandas I

Kul karm karni tyaji, kari Ramcharan ki ash II 1 II

Udit dharm Uda tano, nahi Aandev prasang I

Samran Sita Ram ko, vali sant sangat nishank II 2 II

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Aa - na - dev means the person without any Goodness but considered as a God or Goddess and worshiped as like God are called Aandev (Virtual Gods and Godesses). Shri Kabirji was the first person to use word "Aandev " because the Brahmin (selfish preachers/priests) community was misguiding and exploiting the entire society by explaining self made stories of Gods and Goddesses. Actually there were no existence of such stories in any of the Indian spiritual, religion or cultural scriptures, even though they were misguiding the entire society. God (Dev) means who are Omi Present, Omni potent and Omi Power are called God (Dev). Shri Kabirji and Shri Jivanji accepted only two name of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. They told us to follow it. But their Ram and Krishna are not that which entire world knows, their Ram and Krishna are different.

Moral Behaviour is Supreme Duty

The language, culture, moral behaviour and the thoughts of uda bhakta make them unique than others, which is a greatest gift of shri Jivanji maharaj. In short, there should be purity in language. Language is the image of cultural person. He insist of purity in language and it pronunciation as like using JAL instead of paani (water) and PRASAD instead of Khavu (to eat) etc. To achieve purity in language we should keep ourselves away from addiction of narcotics as well as discipline behaviour and cultural nature are also equally needed. While gathering (meeting) with another Uda Bhakta instead of shaking hand and saying Hello or Hai they will wish RAMKABIR to each another it is a very impressive civility.