Social Constitutional Structure

Those who have gathered under effect of Sadguru Shree Jivanji maharaj are known as "UDA" Uda Bhakta society is the great combination of different castes and creeds of different region of India. The person who have convinced with the logic and philosophy of Sadguru Shri Jivanji Maharaj have left their religion, society culture, family and native and followed him. They all have gathered under a roof of new revolutionary civilized culture.
Narandas Khatri was a merchant of Bareli city of Uttar Pradesh, later settle down at Puniyad. The existing families of Puniyad and some other villages are the heir of Narandas Khatri. Another follower Shri Gopaldasji was Marvadi and belonging to Chanderia Village of Rajasthan finally settle down at Kasampur (originally ORI GORI)

The Bhaktas of Nana Amadara and Chatvalli are heir of Govinddas and Sanghdas. they were Brahmin but today all are Uda Bhaktas. As the families of Aritha are the heir of Tulsidas Marvadi of Rajasthan and Haridas Naniada of Gujarat. Most of the Surties are heirs of Keshavdas. Jhadeshwaria and he was from Soni (Gold Smith) family. Thus how the Uda Bhakta Ramkabir tradition is a great combination of different caste and creeds of believing in common thoughts and philosophy. Everyone have left their original recognisation and accepted a new identity of "UDA BHAKTA". The notification published on 28th May 1937 in the Gadget (Pg. No. 197) of Shri Sayagirao Gaekwad of Baroda state authorized that certain leuva Patidars of Baroda. Bharuch, Navsari, Surat and Valsad district have left their family and accepted Ramkabir seet as well as the Kadva Patidar of Vijapur and its surrounded subdistrict of Kadi regions are also follower of Ramkabir seet are known as UDA religion and Bhakta Vaishnav. They have their own civilization and culture. Though they should get recognisation of UDA KANABI BHAGAT PATIDAR. Hence they should apply this naming in deeds, sale deeds heriditory rights etc.

This way on the day of Sharadpoonam in the year in presence of Jivanji Maharaj at village Shahpura of Baroda District in Gujarat state many people gathered dissolve them into a new revolutionary tradition. After their new existence of all past social, religions and cultural traditional equation has been changed. their is no provision or act for renunciation at the cost of social responsibility. All Uda Bhakta are advice to enjoy their social and worldly life and worshiping God. Every one will earn for his over need. Even the Swami family or the Guru are also to earn his own. No one will rely on other or on society. As per the principle of Sadguru Shri Jeevanji Maharaj and Kabirji We believe in formless God. Hence we deed not need any idols or temples. He present the revolutionary alternate of "PADATHARA". All disciple (Uda Bhaktas) can perform (celebrate) all his cultural and religious events (occasions) here. There is no any external interference of any customs. Since Jivanji and Kabirji has not accepted religious rights and ceremonies as well as sacrificial fire. The marriage are performed within the Uda Bhaktas (the union of common thought persons) very inexpensively and in Gujarati language. Any persons of the society should do this without any demand of donation (Dahej).